Saturday, May 15, 2010

KitKat hunting - episode 1

Some people have strange hobbies. Take Laura and Joss for example. They collect KitKats. Now you might not think that a person could make a hobby out of collecting KitKats, but in Japan, anything is possible. The photo below shows the uneaten portion of Joss' collection

The photo includes KitKats with the following flavours:
- custard pudding
- wasabi
- pumpkin
- raspberry & passionfruit
- mixed juice
- flambé
- royal milk tea
- maple
- banana
- green tea
- Green tea with soybean flour
- green tea with cherry blossom
- strawberry cheesecake
- soy sauce
- semi sweet
- calpis
- strawberry rounds
- petit
- cookie plus

The person who collects KitKats becomes a KitKat hunter. This is because so many flavours are produced in limited editions and are only available from certain places for limited times only. The KK hunter needs to contantly be on the alert, checking every 711, am/pm, supermarkets, Lawsons, Family Mart, etc. The KK hunter never really knows where or when a rare specimen may briefly appear, never to be seen again so the skilled, experienced hunter never hesitates but immediately swoops on their prey!

Unfortunately, the larger one's collection becomes, the harder it is to find new specimens to add to one's collection. No matter, The disappointed KK Hunter carries on to the next convenience store

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