Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 12 in Tokyo - an evening at Oimachi

About 4.00 pm we head over to Paul & Joss' place. We are becoming more adept at travelling around by train. We walk to Nishi Shinjuku, catch the Maronouchi to Shinjuku, then change for the Rinkai. At Oimachi we purchase some essential supplies then start walking to Paul & Joss' place. Between the two us we remember enough landmarks to make it to our destination.

For our dinner tonight we have an entree called Inari which consists of Rice, kimchee, tuna & corn all stuffed into tofu skins.

This is followed by okonomi- Yaki which you might remember we first tried during our day in Nara. Paul starts by grating some yam (see in the photo below - it becomes very glutinous.)

This is then mixed with egg, finely chopped cabbage and then spring onion. This is pan fried and when cooked is topped with a special sauce and mayonnaise, then garnished with shaved bonito and ground dried seaweed. Paul has also included finely sliced pork. Perfect!!

We head home relatively early - as we walk out of Shinjuku Ststion around 10.30 pm it's still bright and bustling.

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