Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 15 in Tokyo

A quieter day with a late start. We arraged meet Paul at Ueno station. Paul was very exact with his instructions and we had a successful rendezvous. Paul and Joss had been around here before and were able to show us places along Kappabashi-Dori which sold exquisite pottery, knives kitchen ware and most entertainingly, the establishments that create the amazing 'model' food found on display out front of many Japanese restaurants. Some interesting souvenirs were obtained along Kappabashi-Dori.

Lunch at Dennys found us studying the pictures on the menu - no plastic models here and despite the name of the establishment no English menu. Our choices all proved to be thoroughly enjoyable.

We checked out the Senso-ji temple which was founded in 628. Most of the buildings are postwar reconstructions however. It is quite a spectacular place but because if the crowds not exactly a place for silent reflection.

Some more photos of Senso-ji

We headed home (Ginza line then Maronouchi) but decided to stop at Shinjuku for 'supplies'. The gourmet section of Odakyu had some surprises. Geoff located stuffed tofu skins - these weren't as good as Joss' from our dinner the other night, but they weren't bad either.

We also found Taiyaki which are a little fish shaped dessert made out of a cross between a pancake and waffle coating with a sweet filling - we had custard. Light and delicious.

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  1. Oh you had the Taiyaki, they are delicious. There are new green tea flavoured fillings at the place near us. Perhaps worth a sample.