Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 17 in Tokyo - big night out in Oimachi

Joss joined us after work and together we all returned to Zawatami at Oimachi.

This venue provides a separation between the various tables in the form of partitions which give some privacy without cutting out the surrounding noise.

The waiters come when you press a button at the table so we were able to enjoy a long leisurely dinner with small courses coming when we felt like ordering. Same with drinks.

Speaking of drinks, I had the best sake so far here and served in a way I hadn't seen done before. The waiter brought the bottle and a chilled glass and ceramic tray. He then filled the glass to allow it to overflow into the tray - you drink the contents of the glass and then the tray!!

Here are some of the things we had to eat - in no partcular order

Bonito sashimi - perfect

Stuffed deep fried chicken - nothing like this at home

Tasty gyoza

Other delights:

We headed home before the last train (they stop running around midnight). By the time we arrived at Shinjuku there was quite a crowd who had left it till the last minute to catch the train home!

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