Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 18 in Tokyo - evening

We all return to Oimachi to freshen up then we head to Ebisu for drinks and dinner. From Ebisu station we go along a walkway to Yebisu Garden Place which is a huge redevelopment on the site of the old Ebisu brewery.

It also includes the Yebisu Beer Museum (I should point out that Ebisu Creamy Top beer is Paul's favourite).

The boys spend some time checking out the beer museum, the girls check out the shops and then we have drinks before heading to the top floor of the Yebisu Garden Place Tower.

Our dinner booking is for 8.00 pm at Jojoen, a well known Yakiniku restaurant (yakiniku is like a BBQ at your table - you order specifically what you want to cook).

The views from Jojoen are spectacular!

The view gives us some idea of the size and spread of this amazing city

Our table has a huge mirror behind it so that even those facing the ' wrong' way can see the sights.

The following photos show the variety of foods (meats, seafood & vegies) we barbequed

We finished the meal with vanilla or green tea ice creams

Geoff & Diane headed back to Nishi Shinjuku, Laura stayed with the others at Ebisu for 'one last drink'. She arrived back home about 1.00 am

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