Saturday, May 15, 2010

The trip over to Tokyo

Fly from Sydney 6.00 am yesterday. A couple of hours in Cairns and then on to Tokyo where we arrived at 7.30 pm

We had our first 'rail' experience -there is a cable car that takes passengers from the 'satellite' terminal to the main terminal. Clever!

We had decided to hire a mobile phone for the month and I had reserved one online to collect when we arrived. What I didn't realize was that we arrived at Terminal 2 but the phone company was at terminal 1. One short busride later we had the phone, made contact with Paul and Joss and then waited for our busride to Shinegawa.

We arrived at the Hearton Hotel Shinegawa at 10.30 pm - a long day. However room is perfect. Thanks Rumi!

I'm having trouble uploading photos to the blog so this revised edition has no photos. Hopefully I can sort this out and post the rest of our episodes with suitable visuals.

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