Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 1 in Tokyo

We have all slept in - the room is sooo quiet! I have used the digital toilet with some success. This is definately an improvement over our somewhat crude approach to toilet hygiene at home

Notice the control panel on the right.

Just across the road from our hotel there is a Jusco department store and the food court became our 11.00 am breakfast destination. Gyoza followed by doughnuts and coffee. We are really going to eat healthy on this trip!

After eating we browsed the department store above. The toy department allowed Laura the opportunity to drive an electric train. Note the video display showing the 'driver's' view from Laura's train

After browsing the department store we headed to Tokyo Teleport via the Rinkai Line and discovered Venus Fort, a very impressive outlet mall. You can see one happy shopper with minder.

Lots of girlie shops in a setting that doesn't bear much resemblance to DFO!!

And it's all undercover despite appearances in the photo above


  1. ahh shopping, thats the way Laura.
    Have you been to any 100 yen shops yet?

  2. Day 1, driving trains. Good work guys. Was that Jedi forces that took you there? Or a sophisticated strategy that even Mum didn't realize was being executed? I better keep a count of train activities from here...

    Rinkai line - Honourable mention
    Simulated Train Driving