Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 10 in Tokyo

The day itself was fairly quiet - exploring Shinjuku and browsing shops and department stores. Laura has been doing some reconnaissance for when Sarah and Daniel arrive (actually, mostly for Sarah, but the OIOI for men also looks promising)

Tonight we met Paul and Joss for dinner at Ebisu. This suburd is a convenient couple of stops away from Shinjuku on the Yamanote Line. Ebisu has lots of small bars and restaurants close to the station, and Paul and Joss soon identfy a Ramen restaurant which is the agreed cuisine for tonight. Like many small restaurants of this sort it is very small with space for about 15 people along a bar with the kitchen on the other side. Fortunatley some patrons are leaving and it's not long before we are sitting together enjoying a feast of ramen

Our group tried miso based ramens with side servings of gyoza. Perfect!

We moved on to a cozy little bar a few doors away - the Hinoki Bearhall (sic)! We stayed here until about minight. Members of our group enjoyed beer, wine, oolong hai, cassis and soda and cassis and grapefruit.

It was an easy journey home - only a few train stops for us to Shinjuku and Paul and Joss didn't have far to Oimachi. There weren't many on their train but ours was packed!

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