Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kyoto Transport

Kyoto is a city well served by public transport. Trains on the city's various subways, railways and tramways run frequently (we waited no more than 5 mins every time we travelled) and are really cheap. We usually paid about ¥210 per trip (roughly $2.50). Train drivers and conductors all wear uniforms and have a parade ground standard of presentation, including spotless white gloves. Every train we rode in and every station we visited felt safe and was modern & spotlessly clean. There was not even the tiniest spot of graffiti, not a scratched window, nothing broken, torn, worn, dirty etc. Every station is manned by polite and helpful attendants, the ticket macines are easy to use (many have a button for English instructions). There are clean toilets everywhere. This is such an easy place to travel around in.
It was also the same the day we travelled to Nara - so convenient and fast!

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