Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 4 - Nara - Todai-ji

Fine but freezing. After breakfast took the subway to Kyoto station then via JR 'rapid' service. Definately rapid, also fast, comfotable, efficient. Travel by train in Japan is so easy - all main singage shows English translation.

Arrived in Nara then via bus to the Todai-ji temple. The main attraction is the Great Buddha Hall, which houses a huge statue of the Buddha. The hall, constructed in 1709, was built after fire destroyed an earlier, larger structure. Nonetheless it is the world's largest wooden building.

Even though half the school population of Japan seemed to be there as well, the hall didn't feel crowded (this also due to very good student behaviour!)

The great Buddha statue was cast in bronze in 752.

It is the world's largest image of the Buddha

After Todai-ji we continued through Nara Park to the Kasuga (Shinto) shrine which is surrounded by around 3000 or so bronze and stone lanterns. From this point we walked down to the Naramachi district which contains older style buildings.

More Photos of Todai-ji

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