Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 11 in Tokyo - Yokahama

Paul sent us a message to catch the 10.30 am service from Shinjuku on the Shonan-Shinjuku line - this was a rapid service that saw us meeting Paul at Yokahama and we then caught the local Keihin Tohoku service to Sakurogichio. This is the area of Yokohama which is adjacent to the waterfront. There are shops (which the girls visited with some shopping success) as well as the Hikawa Maru which Paul and Geoff checked out (see other blog).

Yokohama has a population of nearly 3.7 million people. Nearby Kanazawa has a large population, and these together with Tokyo (population 13 million) form an urban area with the largest population in the world.

Some more Yokohama photos

After doing our own thing for the afternoon we all met and caught the Keihan Tohoku service back to Oimachi. We visited the local Ito Yokado supermarket to purchase supplies for the meal that Paul was going to cook.

We also stopped off at some liquor stores for the usual necessitites and then walked home to Paul and Joss' place for dinner.

We started with edamame, then moved on Yakatori and gyoza. This was accompanied by sake, beer, cassis & soda and wine

These courses were followed by sashimi, then a buffet of pan-fried beef, kimchi, fried bean sprouts and salad with sesame dressing. This was followed by pan- fried scallops. For those who wanted a little something sweet there was soy sauce KitKat!

As it was getting late Geoff and Diane headed home but Laura stayed with Paul and Joss (to continue with the refreshments?)

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