Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 17 in Tokyo - day

Sarah & Daniel arrived last night so we are all meeting this morning at Oimachi. We meet without any problems and head off to Tokyo Teleport. We wander around for a while looking for somewhere to have lunch.

The weather has become wet and windy so we head across to Venus Fort and have lunch there. After this we decide to split up. The boys will do car stuff and the girls can check out the shops.

There is a History Garage which is set up with an intersting variety of old cars.

There are model cars for sale as well as a cafe / bar. The boys pause for refreshments. The lower level of this site focusses on Formula 1 but because the whole thing is set up and run by Toyota it was concentrated on Toyota's involvement but despite this it was very well presented and most interesting. There was a bar in this area so the boys paused for further refreshments.

The boys meet up with the girls and we head across to Mega Web, basically a Toyota Motor Show but still fascinating. There are a huge number of Toyota Models which we unfortunately don't see at home. Some we might never see!

Sarah and Laura try out the E-com ride which are basically electric powered self driving cars following a course around the outside and then through the Mega Web.

There is a large display on hybrids, a technology that is really being embraced here - there are hybrid taxis, people movers, 4WDs and buses. There are rechargeable hybrids and we have seen electric vehicles being recharged at roadside stops.

While the girls were being driven around Paul and Daniel were having a go in a race car simulator.

Neither were invited back to join the Toyota team. About 5.30 we headed back to Oimachi for dinner

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