Saturday, May 15, 2010

The rest of a wet day 3

After a morning of steam action we headed back to Kyoto station - an amazing structure that incorporates shops, a hotel, department stores, restaurants and of course the actual station. We spent some time exploring this interesting structure.

Time for lunch - today it's tempura!

After this we decide to head out to Arishiyama to ride the Sagano Romantic Train. I'm not sure how romantic it would have been but it was cold and wet when we arrived and as we had some time to wait before the next service we headed back to Kyoto Station for some retail therapy and then afternoon tea

I can recommend Sencha (green tea) Cappuchino, seen at lower left.

After this effort, we went and booked our seats for the return Shinkansen then back to the hotel for a quiet evening

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  1. Hey was this the lipton place? We just went there for desert tonight and i tried the green tea cappuccino. It was certainly very different.