Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 22 - Kita Kamakura part 2

After lunch we walked through the cute little village and headed towards our next temple.

Jochiji was founded in 1283 but is now a much smaller than originally, and is more overgrown and remote than the other two we saw today.

In its main hall, the Dongeden, the temple's main object of worship, a Buddhist trinity of the Amida Buddha, Shaka Buddha and Miroku Buddha, is displayed.

Behind the main hall are the graveyard, some bamboo groves, numerous cave graves ( the so-called yagura),

There is also a statue of Hotei, the god of good fortune or happiness. After having been touched by generations of Japanese wishing to improve their luck, his belly, his left earlobe and his index finger have been worn smooth.

We both did some rubbing but the results are uncertain at this stage

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The next and last temple for today was Kencho-Ji. On the short walk, we passed the largest concentration of vending machines that we have so far seen in one place - there were two more behind us!!

Kenchoji is the number one of Kamakura's five great Zen temples. The oldest Zen temple in Kamakura, it was founded by the ruling regent Hojo Tokiyori in 1253. Its first head priest was a Zen priest from China.

We firstly passed through the Sanmon

Next was the temple bell (Bonsho), designated a national treasure.

The first temple hall afterwards is the Butsuden (Buddha Hall) which displays a statue of the Jizo Bodhisattva.

Behind the Butsuden stands the Hatto (Dharma Hall), the largest wooden temple building in eastern Japan. It houses a statue of Kannon and has a dragon painted on its ceiling.

Kenchoji's main hall is the Hojo. The the garden behind this was was designed by Zen master Muso Kokushi.

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We returned to the station after this and repeated our relaxing green car experience.

We have a great end to the day -all of us together for dinner at Paul & Joss' place at Oimachi. Paul treats us to a Japanese - Mexican fusion dish 'Taco Rice'. Awesome!

The. Three of us make our way back to Nishi Shinjuku. Sarah and Daniel have an easy walk to their hotel.


  1. Yum Taco rice. Paul you will have to give us the recipe, or perhaps share it in the next volume of the Moran family cookbook.

  2. Oh yes I will share my secrets... just had it again tonight! Yum