Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 11 - Hikawa Maru

Paul and Geoff left the girls to explore the shopping possibilites of Yokohama. They walked along the raised promenade at Yamashita Park towards the Hikawa Maru.

This is an impressive cargo liner permantly moored as part of the NYK maritime museum. The Hikawa Maru was launched in 1929 and entered service the next year on the Yokohama - Seattle run. It survived the war as a hospital ship and was finally taken out of service in 1960. It is typical of the large cargo passenger liner that provided an important means of transport for both people and goods before the coming of cheap air travel, containerization and bulk haulage. As it was built in 1929 the method of construction with plates riveted together to form the hull can clearly be seen

It carried passengers in the three classes common at that time. Much of the ship is available for inspection which in undertaken by following a well laid out course through the ship.

This is the sumptuous art deco interior of the first class lounge. The first class dining room is equally impressive.

The whole of the engine room is accessible. This contains two enormous B & W four stroke double acting diesels.

Some more Hikawa Maru Photos

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