Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 9 in Tokyo - big night out

Paul has been in contact. The plan is for us to meet him and Joss at Oimachi station at 7.30 pm and then we will have dinner together. Geoff checks out the maps and suggests walking to Shinjuku, then the JR Yamanote line to Osaki, then change to the Rinkai line then one stop to Oimachi. Too easy!!

Only problem was finding the access to the Yamonote line platform at the busiest station in the world at rush hour. Wherever we stop to try and get our bearings and look for signs it seems that thousands of people are rushing past every second. We wander around dodging commuters and eventually find signs pointing out our platform.

The rest of our journey on a crowded train works fine and we meet Paul and Joss at Oimachi. From here we take another train on the Tokyu line out to Jiyugaoka. There is an excellent Shabu Shabu restaurant Paul and Joss are familiar with.

Shabu Shabu is a sort of Japanese hotpot. Very communal and tasty. Just the thing for a chilly damp night. Here are some shots from inside 'Nabezo'. The decor was really unique. The service our very personable waitress was excellent - although she spoke no English, Joss is pretty fluent in Japanese and Paul is not bad either.

We left the restaurant about 11.00 pm. We returned via the Tokyu Tokyo line to Shibuya, then the Yamamote line to Shinjuku. The platforms and carriages were jam packed - at 11.30 at night!!!!

Despite or maybe because of this it's a safe easy place to walk around even late at night.

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